Prime Minister of Highland

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Prime Minister of the
Highland Commonwealth
Coat of Arms of Highland
Standard of the Prime Minister of Highland
Noah Wood

since 31 January 2024
Council of Ministers of the Government of Highland
StatusHead of Government
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
Reports toKing of Highland
AppointerKing of the Highlands
Term length2 years, renewable indefinitely
Inaugural holderNoah Wood
Formation11 July 2022; 2 years ago (2022-07-11)

The Prime Minister of Highland, officially the Prime Minister of the Highland Commonwealth, is the head of Government of the Highland Commonwealth. The Prime Minister heads the Council of Ministers of the Government of Highland. The Prime Minister is picked by the King of the Highlands and confirmed by Parliament

History of the position

The office of Prime Minister of Highland was created when the Highland Commonwealth was declared on 11 July 2022.

List of Prime Ministers of Highland

  Denotes Acting Prime Minister
No. Portrait Prime Minister
Elected Term of office
Took office Left office Time in office
1 Noah Wood
(born 2004)
2022 30 August 2022 7 September 2023 1 year, 8 days
- Jacob Weber
(born 2005)
7 September 2023
3 November 2023 57 days
- Oliver Grim
(born 2005)
15 January 2024
31 January 2024 16 days
(1) Noah Wood
(born 2004)
2022 31 August 2024 Incumbent 174 days