Preston Takata

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The Right Honourable
Preston Takata
Official Inaugural Portrait
2nd President of the Soviet Republic of North America
Assumed office:
Preceded by: Zachary Vercetti
Succeded by: incumbent
Member of Parliament from Alakatoon/Bratton
Assumed office:
October 16, 2006
Left Office:
Preceded by: Position Created
Succeded by: Alyson Mocchi
Born: August 18, 1993
Nationality: New Soviet, Canadian (former)
Political party: None (de-facto Communist)
Spouse: None
Residence: Bratton, SRNA
Religion: Jewish-Humanistic
Presidential Seal

Preston Takata is the Current and second President of the Soviet Republic of North America. Though the nation is officially non-partisan, he is de-facto a communist. He currently serves along with Brett Alasdair, the Prime Minister of the Soviet Republic of North America. Takata is the only New Soviet politician of the Jewish faith, though he is officially agnostic because the nation is officially agnostic. He is also believed to be the first openly gay politician in the SRNA. Takata is an outspoken advocate of civil rights, animal rights, gay rights, environmental organizations, and world peace. He is registered at the Micronational Professional Registry with number 050090.


Takata became president after the overthrow of Zachary Vercetti in 2007. Ever since, the nation has remained calm and stable. The President has declared the nation under Martial Law, effective November 29, 2009, due to the threat of war. He is planning on building a small military. Takata gained the titles "His Excellency" and "The Right Honourable" upon gaining presidency. As president, he has created funds to donate a portion of the nation's budget to the Blood: Water Mission and UNICEF.

Member of Parliament

Before becoming president, Takata was a Member of SRNA Parliament, representing Alakatoon and Bratton. He represented the district for less than a year.

National Growth

Under the leadership of Takata, SRNA has seen unprecedented growth. The nation's territory has expanded by almost 500 percent, The number of citizens has tripled, more than 6 embassies and consulates have been opened, and alliances continue to be created. The SRNA has become very ambitious and is well on its way to becoming a micronational superpower. Takata has said "Our nation has grown, we aren't small anymore; today, our crimson flag flies on every continent, including Antarctica. This is proof to the dedication of our people and patriotism to our nation."


One of the major goals of the Takata administration is growth in diplomacy. When he began his term as president, the nation had no allies, it had no embassies, and was virtually unheard of. Today, SRNA has at least eight allies, operates ten embassies and consulates and plans on opening at least nine more. The new citizenship laws have grown the nation dramatically. Today, a New Soviet Flag flies on every continent, including Antarctica.

Territorial Claims

Takata has greatly expanded the nation. Before his presidency, the nation only consisted of Alakatoon and Bratton. Today, it also has a large territory in Antarctica (Soviet Antarctica), Northern Africa (Soviet Africa), and Hans Island. Though, unrecognized, SRNA would be or is the 17th largest country on Earth. His claims on the African territory is disputed by NottaLotta Acres.

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