Pre-Unification Anatefca

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Anatefca pre-2007 was split into 4 "Provinces":

"The Stormtrooper Mafia" "Kashmir" "Shadowlands" and "Gorf"

as well as the protectorate of "Poptartica"

The best way to describe these Provinces is to not think of them as land masses, but as masses of people.

The Stormtrooper Mafia

The Stormtrooper Mafia consisted of Avid Videogame Fans who were also members of Anatefca. TSM were by far the most computer-literate and technically gifted of Anatefca, And Made up the base of the Anatefcan Population.

The Stormtrooper Mafia had a population of about 15.

The Anatefcan who held the role of Governor of TSM was Redneck (Anatefcan Co-founder), Who would go on to found the Anatefcan Internet System in 2007.


Often called the "Wet" section was made up of the Drinkingmen of Anatefca. The name of the province was derived from the "Led Zepplin" song "Kashmir"

Kashmir had a population of 4.

For the easiest clerical purposes, there was no Governor of Kashmir.

Until 2003, Kashmir, in effect was the ruling body of Anatefca.

Kashmir was Founded by "Lenin" (Anatefcan Co-founder)


Made up of "Shadow" (Anatefcan Co-founder) and a few other citizens, Shadowlands was the Guild of Musicians within early Anatefcan Society. After a sort of Mock-Election in 2003, The Governor of Shadowlands, (not surprisingly) Shadow, gained the title of "King" of Anatefca.

The Historical Population of Shadowlands is estimated at about 3.


Made up of a previous Micronational Entity called Gorf (The name is derived from the backwords spelling of Frog) Consisted of Gorven Cultural enthusiasts (Hippys).

The Population of gorf stood at approximately 4.


Was an Annexed Micronation that "posed a threat" to Anatefca in 2002.