Pprit Revolution

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Pprit Revolution
Result Defeat of occupiers, establishment of the MGPRA1
File:PRA1 A1 flag.png Revolutionaries Unspecified "capitalists"
Commanders and leaders
Marienka Pprit John Hogg
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
0 0

Around mid-2007 a leader began to emerge: the, former, Most Glorious Chairman Pprit. Marienka Pprit rallied the people around her, and began to plot a revolution. In November 2007, the there were uprisings all over A1, as many took part in a general revolt. On the 1st January 2008, Pprit and other leading revolutionaries, including now Chairman Sir. John Hogg, signed the A1 constitution and Bill of Rights, officially marking A1's claims of sovereignty. The new Chairman Pprit made the first speech in early March of that year, the delay being due to the enormous amount of administrative work required to set up the nation.