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Flag of Baustralia.svg

The flag of Baustralia, often referred to as the Baustralian flag is a national flag consisting of a blue field with a white square at its centre in the ratio of 1:2:1, in the middle of which is featured a Baustralian Fish charged in the centre. It is the first specified by law for use as the country's national flag.

It's vertical equivalent is the same as the normal flag, though everything is turned 90° except the fish. The Federal Symbols Act 2, MMXVII dictates that for a flag to be considered 'vertical', it must be at most 45° from the ground.

There also exists flags to identify whether the Kingdom is in a state of emergency or transition, or where the emergency is. Green is used for transition, dark red for emergency, black for naval emergencies, red for terrestrial emergencies, or yellow for aerial emergencies.