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Poltaiba is a town in Yunivers, in the Province of Pozut.


Poltaiba seems to have a very ancient meaning, probably pre-Roman, attributed to "Polt" with the meaning of "gravel".


There is evidence indicating that this area was inhabited since prehistoric times. In the 70s were found prehistoric tools and, curiously, bows and arrows with stone tips. Some of these relics are kept in the Yuniversan Archives and in the Yuniversan Gallery. In the Middle Ages, this wetland area was home to a farming village that was probably built on stilts. In the years of Mussolini's regime, the area was drained and made arable.


The Seal of Poltaiba shows the Rampant Lion, symbol of the King, to remember when, during the 2007's annexation of Pozut the King Tiziano I and other Nobles of the Council, here have helped constructing some structures.


Poltaiba hosts a soccer field and a beach on the river.


Poltaiba is served by 2 stations on the FP Railway, the station of Poltaiba-Camp and Poltaiba Bridge