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The Republic of Pitchfork Union, or simply known as, (Pitchfork Union), is a micronation located near Evansville, Indiana.

The current population of Pitchfork Union stands at 63, but by rent, it makes it 67.

Pitchfork Union is the largest micronation by area. The mainland of Pitchfork Union is 125.3 acres in total.

Pitchfork Union’s government is made up of two main political parties, the Modernized Republic and the Marxist Party. The President of Pitchfork Union is President Landon M. Pitchfork Union’s Prime Minister is Marshall C. Pitchfork Union’s main trading partners are Buonheim and Axonbazl, although diplomatic relations have been established with other nations such as the Republic of Molossia and the Principality of Sealand.

Location & Size

The mainland is 300,080 square yards in total, or 123.6 acres. Pitchfork Union also has 3 territories, racking up a total of 258,940 square yards.

Pitchfork Union is now the largest micronation in the world, and population and continues to keep growing. Pitchfork Union claimed land around multiple territories, rising tensions along the border. The land has been closely guarded by border patrol, and they have assessed the issue multiple times.


Pitchfork Union's government is a Marxist State, and they have a President. The current head-of-state of Pitchfork Union is President Landon. The political party in the current government is the Marxist Party of Pitchfork Union. The secondary party is the Leninist Party of Pitchfork Union.


Pitchfork Union has relations with other micronations, such as Axonbazl and Buonheim. Buonheim, is lead by Supreme Leader Dylan, is one of Pitchfork Union’s allies and continues to support the growth of other micronations. Pitchfork Union is advancing their line of defense as well as borders, so that expansionism may thrive.



USSR National Anthem (Traditional Version) (Pitchforkian, English)


Unity, forever.


Unionion, (Hillcrest)

Official Languages

English, River Tongue, Unionion Pitchforkian, Traditional Pitchforkian




Marxist Party of Pitchfork Union

Landon M.

Logan G.

Marshall C.

Communist Party of Pitchfork Union

Vuksha B.

Yuri F.

Aleksander V.