Pitchfork Union

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Republic of Pitchfork Union

National Motto
Unity, forever.

National Anthem
State Anthem of Pitchfork Union

Capital CityUnionion
Population86, including territories

The Republic of Pitchfork Union, or simply known as Pitchfork Union, is a micronation bordering the city of Evansville, Indiana.


Pitchfork Union’s government is made up of eight recognized political parties, each of which has a chairman, as well as cabinet. There are only three parties with current government members at the moment, the Communist Party of Pitchfork Union, the Democratic Union of Pitchfork Union, and the Liberty Party of Pitchfork Union. The President of Pitchfork Union and Commander of the Armed Forces of Pitchfork Union is President Landon. The Communist Party of Pitchfork Union is the leading political party at the moment, having seven seats in the Council of the Presidium of Pitchfork Union. The Democratic Union of Pitchfork Union has five seats and the Liberty Party of Pitchfork Union has two seats in the council.

Location & Size

The mainland is 300,080 square yards in total or 123.6 acres. Pitchfork Union also has 3 territories, racking up a total of 258,940 square yards. Pitchfork Union is now the largest sovereign micronation in North America, and population and continues to increase heavily. Major cities in Pitchfork Union include Unionion, Borderland, East Pitchforksland, Mineland, Pitchforksland, Newland, and Altona. Pitchfork Union claimed about seven acres land around multiple territories, causing some tensions to increase.


Pitchfork Union has relations with other micronations since diplomatic relations have been established with the Republic of Molossia and the Principality of Sealand. Pitchfork Union is advancing their line of defence as well as land size, so development can thrive.