Phillip I, Crown Prince of Cimbrun

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Phillip I Irikladis
Φίλιπ I Ηρικλάδης
Crown Prince of Cimbrun
Phillip I Irikladis as of May 2021.
Basileus of Cimbrun Alexander I (heir presumptive)
Successor Unknown
Regent Advisory Council
House House of Irikladis
Born January 16th, 2004
Corpus Christi, Texas, America
Religion Agnostic

Phillip I Irikladis (born Phillip Douglas Burke) is the Crown Prince and heir presumptive of the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun, as well as Basileus Alexander I's younger brother and his only full sibling. He entered the scene later than his brother, in February 2021, and has yet to do much for the nation.


Early years: 2004-2020

Phillip I Irikladis was born as Phillip Douglas Burke on January 16th, 2004 to the Queen Mother, Ayesha Rabiah Terrel (then Brandie Renee Burke) and his biological father, Dale Allen Burke. His father worked at a lawn company, which would be purchased by him and the Queen Mother as a joint venture in 2008, and he would leave Corpus Christi with his mother and brother in 2014.

As with his brother, the Basileus, he would have an early interest in video games, and the two saw each other's respective first fanbases (Dragon Ball and Mario) as rivals at first. The two would bond over Pokémon, battling at first non-seriously and then slowly getting more and more competitive as time went on. Eventually, Alexander would found the Orinian Empire, initially as a Pokémon Facebook group, which his brother had no participation in until 2020.

Micronational years: 2020-2021

Phillip joined Orini/Cimbrun intermittently during the Modern period, usually leaving due to immature decisions at the hands of the Basileus until February 2021, when he agreed to become Crown Prince of Cimbrun. He has not yet participated in government,only aiding in a few decisions of the Basileus, though he had, for a short period of time, participated in r/micronations before the Basileus left it. He is planned to be made Emergency Ambassador to the LIN, and he shall be a part of the party travelling with the Basileus to MicroCon.

Personal life

As with his brother, Phillip is an avid video game and anime fan. Phillip enjoys Nintendo (especially Mario Kart, which he can play on a competitive level, Pokémon, and Super Smash Brothers), and his favorite anime are Pokémon, and Dragon Ball, and he intends on watching One Punch Man. He is self-described as a "nice guy with a dark past". He is a former Sunni Muslim (as is his brother), though unlike his brother, who is firmly rooted in Hellenismos, he is agnostic, and he is undecided on his religion. He is a cisgender heterosexual, and doesn't seem to mind his brother's sexuality.