Petorian Broadcasting Stations

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Petorio Broadcasting Stations
Type: Government-owned Corporation
Genre: TV Channels
Founded May 25, 2009
Founders: Petorian Government
Headquarters: Charwood
Channels Available: History PET
Channels under Construction: Entertainment channel, Micronation channel, Spanish channel

The Petorian Broadcasting Stations (PBS) is a Television broadcaster of the Republic of Petorio. It currently operates one television channel, broadcasting on the internet, History PET (pronounced History P-E-T). This network is now defunct lasting only a few months.


History PET

History PET was the first channel launched by the PBS. It broadcasts historic documentaries, biographies and speeches for educational purposes.


  • George W. Bush September 11 Speech
  • Adolf Hitler 1933 speech as Chancellor
  • Franklin Roosevelt Pearl Harbor speech
  • William McKinley 1896 Election speech
  • Documentary on English Civil War