People's Republic of Villa Alicia

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Democratic People's Republic of Villa Alicia
República Popular Democrática da Villa Alicia

2014 — 2016

VILLA ALICIA flag 2015.png
Coat of Arms Alicia.png
Coat of Arms

Meu Pé Tah Só a Antárctica
English: My Foot is Just the Antarctica
Coro dei fratelli e sorelle di Bose
South America
Capital cityIvatuba
Official language(s)Portuguese
Short nameVilla Alicia
GovernmentPresidential Republic
- Supreme LeaderLeonardo Costa
LegislatureNational Congress
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 12
Established29 September 2014
Area claimed316.4km²
Population53 (2014 estimate)
CurrencyLicia (L$)
National animalZebra

Government website

Villa Alicia, officially Democratic People's Republic of Villa Alicia is a micronation founded on September 29, 2014. The republic has a small population with a little over 53 people with alician citizenship.


On 29 September 2014, Leonardo Costa and a group of militants proclaimed the independence of the state of Paraná, Brazil, and Herschel Island, Canada. But three days after the formation of the new government the Prime Minister, Alfred Newman, gave a coup d'etat and deposed Coast. The first act of Newman as president was to return the Paraná back to Brazil and send a letter of apology to the UN.

On 5 October 2014, Costa has a counter coup and regained power. Alfred Newman was arrested and exiled from the Republic.

On September 5, 2015, the Villa Alicia annexed the Banelly Islands.