People's Republic of Southey Cross

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Peoples Republic of Southey Cross

Workers Unite
March The Defenders of Moscow
British Isles.
Capital cityNew Moskva
Largest cityNew Moskva
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)None
Area claimed0.5 acres
CurrencySouthey Ruble
Time zoneUTC
National drinkVodka
National animalBear
Patron saintSaint George


The People's Republic of Southey Cross is a British Micronation founded in 2011                                           .  


The People's Republic of Southey Cross was founded from the ruins of the People's Republic of Tiberia. Premier Samphire created Southey Cross with the same principles and objectives that Tiberia had. It was a struggle for Premier Samphire to set about organising, but gladly received help from his ally King Jack I of The Kingdom of Broughtopia, who has allowed the former capital of Tiberia to be given back to Premier Samphire for which he was grateful for.

The Government

Southey Cross has a Communist Government.

  • The Premier

The Premier has control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of the Government

  • Department of Work - Secretary of State for Work
  • The Foreign Office - The Foreign Minister
  • Department of State - Secretary of State
  • Department of Defence - Minister of Defence
  • Department of Education - Minister of Education
  • Department of Health - Minister of Health and Care
  • Department of Asylum - Minister of Immigration
  • Department of Culture, Media and Sport - Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
  • Department of Economics - The Minister of Economics
  • Department of Law Enforcement - Minister of Public Safety

Premier Samphire is the former leader of The People's Republic of Tiberia, after the war of Tiberia and Broughtopia. The leaders of both Nations have decided to co-operate rather than to fight wars. Premier Samphire is an experienced Micronationalist as he is currently in a key position in The Broughtopian Government and the Leader of the People's Republic of Southey Cross.

Political parties

In Southey Cross there is one Party

  • The Communist Party of Southey Cross. (CPSC)

Membership In the Broughtopian Empire

Due to improved ties between Southey Cross and Broughtopia, to help Southey Cross to establish themselves in the Micronational Community.

Foreign Relations

  • The Kingdom of Broughtopia - Formal relations, Treaty Signed.

The National Animal

The National Animal of PRSC is the Bear. Due to the Cultural references it has within the Nation.


The Main sport of Southey Cross is football (Soccer). The National team is Southey Cross Football Club (SCFC). Other popular Sports include Cricket. There is no National Team as of yet due to a lack of players.


The PRSC has a State controlled economy. It's main export is refurbished Automobiles.