People's Republic of Madrona

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The People's Republic of Madrona is a vassal state of Larsonia. It was formed on April 22, 2017, after Larsonia sent dinosaurs gained from the Vuldar Colony to seize Madrona Elementary School. Today it is ruled by Emperor Thomas Larson and is part of the Larson Federation.


In 1964, The Madrona Elementary School was formed and became a California Distinguished School in 1997. It was located near Camino Manzanas Rd in Thousand Oaks, CA. The Battle of Chamberma between Larsonia and the Madrona Elementary School in April 2017 seized control of the school for the Larson Federation. On May 2, 2017, Thomas Larson was crowned by King William II of Madrona as the Emperor of the School. Madrona was governed by former king, William Chambers.


As the name suggests, the P.R.M is a puppet-state and a communist republic. It has two representatives, William Chambers (School) and Jefferson Hill from the small village of Hakerhon, which joined Madrona in 2014. It's two major government positions are the Governor President and the Ambassadors. The Governor President is the person who governs the state. The Ambassadors are the two Representative Senators and one ambassador to Molossia.