People's Commune of Otautahi

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People's Commune of Otautahi
PCO flag.jpg
Christchurch, New Zealand
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentCommunist single-party state
Establishment4 July 2014
• (July 2014) census
Time zoneGMT+12
GMT+13 (DST)

The People's Commune of Otautahi, commonly known as Otautahi, is a micronation located in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Otautahi was founded on 4 July 2014, and had initially claimed sovereignty over the entirety of the Christchurch metropolitan area, however following a brief territorial dispute with Sirocco,[1] the state's borders were reduced to incorporate the suburbs of Beckenham, Cashmere, Hoon Hay and Somerfield only.


Otautahi is a socialist one-party state.


The People's Armed Forces are composed of an Army, Air Force and Navy. Its army weapons include two nerf guns and a Mercedes Benz 300-SL for parade purposes. Its air force has four state-of-the-art planes, including stealth bombers, while a missile defence system is being researched. The Navy has a nuclear submarine at its disposal.


All military personnel are required to wear a fez with standard clothes.

National Anthem

Otautahi's national anthem is The Internationale, with reformed lyrics by Billy Bragg.

Stand up all victims of oppression
For the tyrants fear your might
Don't cling so hard to your possessions
For you have nothing if you have no rights
Let racist ignorance be ended
For respect makes the empires fall
Freedom is merely privilege extended
Unless enjoyed by one and all (continued...)


Football association is the nation sport of Otautahi, while a sizeable amount of the population also plays netball.

Foreign Relations

Otautahi and the S.S.A.M share an official declaration of friendship. Otautahi and the Republic of Frigus have declared a possible military alliance.


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