Penrith general election, 2010

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Penrith General Election, 2010
August 24, 2010 2014 →

All 35 seats in the Penrith Republic Legislature
  Penrith-no-image.png Penrith-no-image.png Penrith-no-image.png
Leader Nathaniel Clarke Andrew Richardson Natasha Samuels
Party National Conservatives Labour Party National Democrats
Leader since 2010 2010 2010
Leader's seat Cambridge Gardens Glenmore Park St Marys
Last election 0 seats 0 seats 0 seats

Leader Richard Mathers
Party The Greens
Leader since 2010
Leader's seat Llandilo
Last election 0 seats

Incumbent Chief Executive

Nathaniel Clarke (caretaker)
first election

The fist Penrith federal election will elect members of the 1st Parliament of The Federal Republic of Penrith and will be held on Tuesday 24 August 2010, in which 184,611 citizens will elect 35 members to seats. The opposition center-left Labour Party led by Opposition Leader Andrew Richardson will be the main challenger to the incumbent, and caretaker center-right National Conservatives led by caretaker Chief Executive Nathaniel Clarke. Other parties including the National Democrats and The Greens, as well as independents will vie for 35 seats in the Penrith Republic Legislature

Under the provisions of the Constitution, the current legislature is dormant following formation of the nation and elections are to be called by the end of the year by the caretaker President, Leam Mark Farrar in order to begin law making for the new government. Procedure will follow the Westminster system of Australia for elections, and the election will be held using the first-past-the-post system

Key Dates

all times are Australian Eastern Standard Time

  • Prorogation of Parliament: 12 noon, 15 July
  • Dissolution of House of Representatives: 12 noon, 17 July
  • Issue of electoral writs: 17 July
  • Close of rolls (if not currently on roll): 8 p.m., 17 July
  • Close of rolls (if currently on roll and updating details): 8 p.m., 23 July
  • Close of nominations: 12 noon, 1 August
  • Declaration of nominations: 12 noon, 2 August
  • Polling Day: 24 August
  • Return of writs: 26 August
  • First meeting of the 1st Parliament: 29 August



Election Results

TBA, on 24 August 2010