Penrith Republic Legislature

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Penrith Republic Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Speaker of The Legislature
Chief Executive of Penrith
Nathaniel Clarke (caretaker), National Conservatives
Opposition Leader
Andrew Richardson (acting), Labour Party
Penrith demographics 2010.png

The Penrith Republic Legislature is the supreme legislative body of the nation of the Federal Republic of Penrith, in the western suburbs of New South Wales, Australia. The Legislature meets at the Penrith Federal Chambers in the City of Penrith, North Ward. Penrith's Legislature is unusual in that it is unicameral. At 35 members it is also one of the smallest national legislatures.

The Legislature is composed of thirty-five members, chosen by a single-member district. Members are chosen for four-year terms. No person may be a member of the legislature unless he or she is a qualified voter, over the age of eighteen, and a resident of his or her district for at least one month. Currently, members may serve as many terms as they so desire

Currently; the legislature is dormant following the formation of the The Federal Republic of Penrith, with all legislative duties carried out by the President of Penrith. The highest position is titled "Speaker of the Legislature". The Speaker presides over the Legislature during session unless acting as President in which case; the Deputy Speaker is Speaker.

Members are from political parties within Penrith, and a political party must gain more than 5% of the vote to be considered eligible to stand in the next election, otherwise they must obtain 100 signatures from citizens to be eligible to stand

Members form three geographically-based "wards", if a district covers two wards; then the member falls into the ward that covers the most area of their district.

The Legislature is responsible for law-making in the state, but the President has the power to veto any bill. The Legislature may override the president's veto by a vote of seventy percent (25) of its members. The Legislature also has the power, by a seventy percent, to propose constitutional amendments to the voters, who then decide upon it through a referendum.

Penrith three geographically-based "wards"


Affiliation Members
Labour Party 0
National Conservatives 0
Total 35
Majority 18

District Member
Agnes Banks
Berkshire Park
Cambridge Gardens
Cambridge Park
Claremont Meadows
Emu Heights
Emu Plains
Erskine Park
Glenmore Park
Kemps Creek
Kingswood Park
Mount Vernon
North St Marys
Orchard Hills
Oxley Park
Penrith City
St Clair
St Marys
South Penrith
Werrington County
Werrington Downs

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