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Pearche Search
Pearche homepage as of May 7, 2019
Type of site
Web search engine
Available inMultiple
Owner Principality of St. George and
St. George Human Rights Watchdog
RevenueGovernment funded
LaunchedMay 6, 2019 (2019-05-06)
Current statusOnline
Written inPython

Pearche, also referred to as Pearche Search, is a web search engine, or more accurately a metasearch engine developed by multiple open source contributors, as well as developers from St. George. It is aimed to be an alternative search engine, mostly in the Principality of St. George, after the government there started to crack down on companies and their poor privacy respecting practices. However, Pearche is accessible from anywhere.

The main purpose of Pearche is to act as the intermediary between the user and other search engines, in order to protect their privacy. The engine itself is open source and co-managed by St. George Human Rights Watchdog.