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Paterstadt (Nemkhav: Astor Atirja, Irish: Cathair Athair, English: lit. "City of our Fathers") is the capital city of the Nemkhav Federation and the Republic of Novomir, a State of the Nemkhav Federation. First established on the 31st of July 2009, the city has been at the centre of Nemkhav affairs to date. It has been the capital of the Nemkhav nation and remains the ceremonial capital of the Nemkhav group of nations. The city is the home of several important institutions of the Nemkhav Federation, including the Office of Prime Minister and the Ministry of Public Safety and the Borders.


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The history of Paterstadt as its own unique entity goes back to the founding of the Republic of Novomir, the latest in a long line of states that have inhabited the land that served as the original founding territory of the Nemkhav nation. In the time of the Second Nemkhav Federation, the land has seen a massive regeneration as the capital of a federal state.


Paterstadt is made up of different boroughs, call Berzirke in German. These areas are broadly split among the different sides of city life for the citizens of the city. There are three boroughs, which are roughly divided by the main streets of the city. The East and Western Boroughs are divided by the secondary main street, Stiftgasse, while the Government Borough is separated from others by the "Strasse des 31. Juni".

Eastern Borough

The eastern half of the city is made up of the Eastern Borough (Ostbezirke), which is the city's main entertainment and social district. This Borough is home to several areas of relaxation which are frequented by locals and foreigners alike. The Imperial Beer Hall is the main place for political and social gatherings, along with the adjacent Gallagherallee. Named for the famous Irish singer Rory Gallagher, this street is one of the few places in the city where smoking is currently legal.

Western Borough

The western side of the city is made up of the Western Borough (Westbezirke) and is home to a space known as "the Common", as well as the city's autoport. The Common is a space which has been used for such things as public meetings and social gatherings of a large scale. Perhaps its most famous use is as a practice and performance area for the various musical organisations of the Republic, including the Novomir Conservatory of Music. The Paterstadt Autoport occupies the rest of the borough. The port is the main point of access for mass transport into the city.

Government Borough

The third and largest borough of the city as the so-called "Government Borough" (Regierungsbezirke). The original name for this area was the Imperial Quarter, but since the advent of the Republic this name has fallen out of use. The government borough is, as the name suggests, the home to the government of the Republic of Novomir. It is divided from the rest of the city by the Strasse des 31. Juni, which is named for the date on which the original Nemkhav nation was founded. Number 1 on this street is the Chancellery and Office of the Prime Minister of the Nemkhav Federation, with numbers two to four consisting of the Public Works Ministry, the Pariserpalast, which is home to the Republic's Chief of State, and the Animal Affairs Ministry.