Partai Gerakan Sunda Raya

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Partai Gerakan Sunda Raya
ChairmanMohammad Haeruddin Saleh
FoundedMarch 20, 2014
HeadquartersKota Bandung Raya, Sunda Raya
NewspaperSuara Sunda Raya
Voice of Sunda Raya
Membership  (2014)2
Ideologyleft-wing nationalism
Official coloursRed

Partai Gerakan Sunda Raya (Great Sunda Movement Party) or GERINDA is the major political party in the Democratic Republic of Sunda Raya. It formed United People's Front together with other 7 political parties, and dominated the parliament.

Gerinda is a left-wing nationalist party. It promotes nationalism in the framework of socialism, although it denies the Socialism in one country theory, and Stalinism. The party rejects the idea of national-socialism by calling it a blatant betrayal to the socialism.