Parliamentary Monarchy of Leadking

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Parliamentary Monarchy of Leadking
Flag of Leadking

Never again war (never again 1D)
The Blues of Leadking
Capital cityLeadking
Largest cityMarbach
Official language(s)English, German
Official religion(s)None (Secular)
Governmentparliamentary monarchy
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 2
- Last election - 6 January 2015
Established5 January 2015
Area claimed500m²
Time zoneUTC+1
National sportsitting and playing instruments
National dishNoodles
National drinkCola
National animalEuropean shorthair cat

The Parliamentary Monarchy of Leadking, formerly known as UCB (United Citizens of Blues) is a micronation founded on on 5 January 2015. The state is known for the modern structure of its society. Its main industries are music and information.
There is freedom of religion, but it is proscribed to practice a religion or show affiliation with a religious institution in public places.
The most populous city is Marbach, with a population of 5 citizens. The capital city of Leadking is also called Leadking (1 citizen), in which the biggest music company of the micronation and the palace of Emperor John are located.
The seal of Leadking shows a note on a shield. It is a mark of the extreme popularity of blues music among the populace (Leadking is an amalgam of the names of the famous blues musicians "B.B.King" and "Leadbelly".)


Leadking was founded on 5 January 2015 by Emperor John.


The Parliamentary Monarchy of Leadking has a provisional government headed by an elective monarch, the Emperor. Two political parties currently exist: the liberal left "Civilians with Confidence Party" (CCP) and the monarchist "Brave Subjects Party" (BSP). Citizens directly elected the members of the parties into the Senate. The Emperor is not an absolute monarch. The Senate may remove him, and after a successful impeachment, he cannot regain the throne. The Senate may also simply be vote out the Emperor. After the Emperor is voted out, he may choose a successor from the ranks of the Citizens of Honor. The Citizens of Honor are elected by the populace. The current active voting age is 12, the passive one 14, though Citizens of Honor must be age 18 or older (here, it may be the maturity that gives qualification).

Foreign relations

The Parliamentary Monarchy of Leadking maintains close diplomatic relations with the Usian Republic, for one because of the geographical propinquity and for another because the Emperor was introduced to micronationalism by a member of the Usian government.

Law and order

All forms of crime in the Parliamentary Republic are castigated by banishment.








By far the most popular music and one of the key aspects of the cultural existence of Leadking is blues music. The Leadking government also permits

  • Classical music;
  • Ragtime music;
  • Rock music (by certain groups);
  • and "Grunge" music.

The populous and government of Leadking condemn all types of music that are share traits with pop, electronic music, and other modern mainstream rock genres. The Leadking government has taken steps to "protect [its] citizens from such music" as

  • Rap
  • other modern pop

and other potboiler music produced by the mainstream industry. These music bans were introduced by Emperor John as they conform to his official standpoint.


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