Parliament of Enchenia

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Parliament of Enchenia

  • 英雪尼亞議會 (Chinese)
  • Parlamentum Encheniae (Latin)
  • ᛈᚨᚱᛚᚨᛗᛖᚾᛏᚢᛗ ᛖᚾᚲᚺᛖᚾᛁᚨᛖ (Runes)
3rd Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
Founded3 September 2020
sudo, Independent
since 1 May 2023
Seats65 members
Political groups
  •   Independent (62)
  •   Vacant (3)
Length of term
1 year[a]
Plurality voting
Last election
1 January 2023[a]
Next election
1 January 2024[a]
Meeting place
Starlight Palace, Lau Sing

The Parliament of Enchenia (Chinese: 英雪尼亞議會) is the unicameral national legislature of the Federation of Enchenia. As of 19 November 2023, it consists of 65 non-partisan members.


The Parliament was founded on 3 September 2020, on the same day Enchenia became a federal republic. Currently, all new citizens of Enchenia automatically become Members of Parliament (MPs) after acquiring their citizenship, even though the Constitution has no mention about this practice. By convention, each MP serves a term of one year, which is the same length as a Federal Councillor.


The qualifications of becoming a Member of Parliament is the same as becoming an Enchenian citizen, as definied in Article 36 of the Constitution:

  • Be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • Have completed or be in the process of upper secondary education, as defined in International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), 2011 version.
  • Be invited by at least one Federal Councillor.
  • Be approved by an absolute majority of votes from the Federal Council.

Speaker of the Parliament

The speaker of the Parliament is elected among all MPs and is the leader of the Parliament. According to Article 52 of the Constitution, the speaker is prohibited from re-election for the following year, similar to the President.

The duties of the speaker are:

  • Managing the convocation of sessions and extraordinary sessions;
  • Declaring the opening and adjournment of each session;
  • Following the procedures of each session;
  • Safeguarding the official documents of the Parliaments, such as bills, dialogues and voting results.
Name Took office Left office Notes
sudo 2023-05-01 Incumbent [b]


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 By convention. See History section below.
  2. sudo was appointed by the Federal Council before the ratification of the Constitution.