Parliament of ASEA

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Parliament of ASEA
Seal of Parliament
Type3-Cameral Legislature
Antarctic Council
Head of ParliamentTBE
Supreme SenatorTBE
President of the Antarctic CouncilTBE
MembersParliament: The presidents,the ministers and 15 members.
Senate: 20 members
Antarctic Council: 20 Groups
Parliament committeesEnergetical Solutions
Parliament last election1 January 2010
For the Parliament Groups

The Parliament of ASEA consists of 3 houses: the Parliament, the Senate and the Antarctic Council.

House of Parliament

The parliament is composed of the presidents, ministers and 15 elected members(parliament groups). It approves the proposed laws by the second president. The Parliament Groups get elected every 4 years.

House of Senate

The Senate is composed of 20 members. They appoint the second president and vote on the laws that has been rejected from the Parliament. It get elected every 7 years.

Antarctic Council

The Antarctic Council consists in 20 groups. The groups discuss about laws and international affairs. Every group appoint 2 representatives. All the representatives form the Supreme Council. The Supreme Council votes the laws that has been rejected in the Senate and takes care of relations with the AMU.