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Paenism refers to the policies and governmental philosophy of Generalissimo Timothy Paen, current Premier of the Stratocratic Republic of Ikeria.

Paenism, when used in its broadest sense, refers to stratocratic states comparable to the SRI , i.e. that are characterized by an overly centralized state, totalitarian figure head, secret police, propaganda, and especially brutal tactics of political coercion.


Forced labour in camps is one feature of Paenist Nationalism
  • Paenism believes that the people of a nation have duty to both defend their sovereign territory and their nation group.
  • Those that undermine and/or attack the work of the nation group can only be viewed as enemies. If the nation group is to survive, all enemies, from within or without, must be destroyed.
  • Paenism states that the strongest nation groups are those which are united in their outward struggle. Democracy and capitalism, which both promote interior struggle within a country, weaken the nation group and will eventually lead to its complete destruction.
  • Traitors to the nation group (or rather enemies from within) can be rehabilitated into the group. For rehabilitation to occur, traitors must be re-educated and must comprehend how their actions have weakened the nation group. To provide compensation for their damage to state, many years of hard unpaid labour is usually required.
  • Some traitors are so deluded and are therefore so dangerous to the nation group that they must be eliminated. However, Paenism acknowledges that these traitors, should they have been less dangerous, could have been rehabilitated. An unnecessary spilling of a nation group’s blood is forbidden.

Social Darwinism

  • If a nation group is to be strong, it must be purged of all those who are weak. The weak drain the power of the nation group, encouraging its eventual destruction.
  • The weak that choose euthanasia so as to strengthen their nation group are publically revered, as committing the ultimate sacrifice. Those that do not choose euthanasia must be forcibly eliminated.
  • The weak include the: disabled; terminally ill; mentally retarded; persistent criminal offenders; cowardly; mentally ill.
  • By preserving the strong and removing the weak, Paenism believes degeneration of the human race can be prevented.
  • ”Conflict is in fact the basic law of life in all social organisms, as it is of all biological ones; societies are formed, gain strength, and move forwards through conflict; the healthiest and most vital of them assert themselves against the weakest and less well adapted through conflict; the natural evolution of nations and races takes place through conflict.”

Foreign policy

The flag of the Stratocratic Republic of Ikeria is closely associated with Paenism.
  • Paenism advocates expansionism, and conflict between nation groups. From conflict, one nation group must always be victorious and another group must be defeated. This does not however mean that the defeated nation group must be eliminated. Rather, it can be used to serve the will of the victors, and therefore a new social order can be born.
  • A draw or a truce in battle is considered cowardly and dishonourable by Paenism. Total victory or total defeat are the only true outcomes of conflict.
  • Pacifism is considered the foreign policy of cowards, bohemians and the weak. In the eyes of Paenists, Pacifists promote the degeneration of the human race by preventing conflict; conflict being the only medium in which (according to Paenism) the human race can evolve. Therefore, Pacifists states must be crushed and subjugated.
  • The aim of the nation group is to locate itself within the global social hierarchy. Therefore, all aspects of society should be focused towards war and conflict. Industry, education and politics should all train the nation group for a life of conflict.

Economic Policy

  • Paenism believes that the capitalist state promotes internal conflict within the nation group. Furthermore, members of one nation group are oppressing members of the same nation group. Both weaken the nation group, by creating classes.
  • Socialism and total state control are also rejected. Using examples such as the former USSR, Paenism states that socialism eventually leads to an inefficient economy which leaves the nation group poorly equipped in their struggle against other nation groups.
  • As an alternative to both, Paenism uses National Syndicalism. Private property is controlled, but not possessed, by the state. This allows it to benefit the needs of the nation group before the needs of the individual. Price control and wage controls are used to ensure no exploitation occurs. Industrialists may not always be able maximise profits, but in return the nation group benefits.
  • Ultimately, Paenists seek their nation to be totally self-sufficient.

Social Policy

  • Paenists believe that mankind may commit acts which damage the nation group yet benefit him. Therefore, a strong and powerful state is required to prevent these actions and protect the interests of the nation group.
  • A police force must have far reaching power and be able to inflict brutal punishment on socially deviant individuals. This makes crimes against the state and society less likely, as many would-be criminals become dissuaded from committing unlawful acts. Therefore, a strong police force is good for the nation group.
  • Education must instil values of loyalty and a will to protect the nation group. From the age of ten years, children of both sexes must learn how to use small arms, elementary field tactics and guerrilla warfare (should the nation group’s soil be occupied by foreign oppressors).
  • All citizens must spend at least one decade of their lives within the military of the nation group. This creates a strong sense of unity among the people and leads to a constantly strong military machine.

Opposition to Socialism

  • Paenism believes that socialism eventually leads to the oppression of the nation group by socialists. Class conflict, which develops under capitalism is exploited by socialists with the aim of creating a ‘classless’ society. Paenists argue that this ‘classless’ society is actually a society dominated by socialists oppressing non-socialists.
  • Socialism is viewed as a worse alternative to National Syndicalism than capitalism. While both economic systems lead to internal oppression within the nation group, socialism leads to a lack of technological advancement. A nation group which is weaker technologically than another nation group should be destroyed or oppressed according to Paenism. Therefore, technology is key to the strength of a nation group.
  • While the idea of Socialism exists within the world, Paenists believe that it is a disease that can infect all nation groups. Accordingly, nation groups suffering this disease must be cured, and this usually involves the liberation of their people. However, if the diseased nation has become rabid and insane, and thus wants to fight against the help that a Paenist state wants to provide for it, the socialist state must be eradicated.
  • The final objective of Paenism is to crush the idea of Socialism and have it become extinct. This way, countless nation groups of the world can be saved.