Generalissimo Paen

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Timothy Fraser Alexander Paen
United Kingdom
AllegianceSRI National Flag.png Stratocratic Republic of Ikeria
Years of service2011 - present
UnitSupreme Headquarters Offensive Forces of the Ikerian People
Commands heldOffensive Forces of the Ikerian People

Generalissimo Timothy Fraser Alexander Paen is the first and current Premier of Stratocratic Republic of Ikeria.

Early life

Timothy Fraser Alexander Paen was born in the United Kingdom in 1973. As a child, he studied military history, politics and government, which led to him joining the British Army Cadet Force in 1988. He read War Studies at Bath University, before attending the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. He received his commission aged twenty-two, and served within the Royal Green Jackets. He toured in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanisatn. In 2005, he moved to the Norwegian island of Svalbard, Spitsbergen, where he became a leading member of the island's defense force. It was in 2007 that he began to become an Ikerian nationalist, and formed his ideology of Paenism.

Rise to power

In 2010, the region of Ikeria declared its independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. A weak and democratic provisional government took power, which was led by a coalition government of the Socialist Worker’s and People’s Party, and the Union of Ikerian Labour.

A rebellion broke out in January 2010, with the political right launching a guerrilla campaign against the Ikerian government and its supporters. The government responded by dispatching Ikerian troops to crush the rebels. However, holding sympathies with the rebels, the army broke into mutiny.

The then Colonel Paen was able to rally the military rebels, and march on the capital, Pennard. After two days of heavy fighting, anti-government troops reached the parliament building, hoisting the military’s flag into the sky. Sporadic fighting continued for another few days, before the military were finally able to crush it.

National Leader

Paen quickly established a military council which had legislative powers. Their first action was to unanimously elect him as Head of State, Head of Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Military. Paen then began implementing his theory of stratocracy, dubbed Paenism. The Ikerian Republic was renamed the Stratocratic Republic of Ikeria, and the military bolstered. A secret police force was formed under Paen’s orders, named State Security of the Ikerian Interior (SSII), which quickly incarcerated all socialists, social democrats, and aliens in labour camps.

A cult of personality has now developed around the Generalissimo. The former capital, Pennard, is now Paenard. A granite statue of Paen stands in the centre of Paen Square, with a twenty four hour bodyguard surrounding it. By law, at least three portraits of Paen must be possessed by all households, with spot checks carried out daily by the SSII. Furthermore, all households must possess a copy of his book, ‘’Ikeria: Strength from Unity, Unity from Race’’. Paen and the state are seen as identical, and so any criticism of him or his polices is punishable often by death, or by decades in a prison camp.

There are rumours that the image which Paen portrays of himself is actually that of another leader. Paen himself has not commented, however mentioning the issue is considered the defacement of the Ikerian leader for which execution is justified. It should however be noted that the Generalissimo very rarely appears in public, and his televised addresses never show his face.