Order of Saint John Paul

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Order of Saint John Paul
Awarded by the Holy Empire of Cavlan
TypeChivalric Order
Religious affiliationCatholicism
MottoInter optimos
EligibilityCavlan nationals, or anyone who has made a significant achievement in the name of the betterment of the country, or it's culture.
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignHIM Holy Emperor Conrad I
Grand MasterHIM Holy Emperor Conrad I
First induction9 July 2019
Last induction9 July 2019
Total inductees2

The Order of Saint John Paul is a Cavlanian order of chivalry, rewarding contributions to the Culture, and the overall betterment of the Holy Empire of Cavlan. It was established 9 July 2019, by Holy Emperor Conrad I, and comprises of 2 different classes, the Senior of which make the recipient a Knight or a Dame.


Grand Master

Knights/Dames Imperial

  • HIH Emperor Grandmother Tammy: 9 July 2019