Conrad I

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His Imperial Majesty
Conrad I
Holy Emperor of Cavlan
Holy Emperor of Cavlan
Reign 9 July 2018 - present
Predecessor Office Established
House Cavanaugh
Father HIH Emperor Father Matthew
Mother HIH Emperor Mother Stacey
Born 26 February 2002
United States
Religion Roman Catholic
Monuments Founder's Monument in Cavlan City

HIM Holy Emperor Conrad I is the first Holy Emperor of Cavlan, and the founder of the Holy Empire of Cavlan, having established the micronation 8 July 2018.

Conrad has served various leadership positions throughout the existence of Cavlan and it's predecessor governments. He has also been credited with the several revivals of the nations previous to Cavlan, and the biggest supporter of the survival of Cavlan, rightfully so, as founder.

As Holy Emperor, Conrad has been credited with an active government, along with the establishment of many of the government's current functions, such as new municipalities, and the establishment of the charter-mandated Imperial High Council, and it's members. As Absolute Monarch of a nation who's populous has little to no interest in serving in a governing capacity, Conrad has assumed (as per the Cavlan Charter) nearly all government functions, including those of diplomatic functioning.

Early life

Conrad, born Sean Cavanaugh, was born February 26, 2002, in Onslow County, North Carolina, to Emperor Mother Stacey, and Emperor Father Matthew. Conrad was raised originally as a Baptist Christian by predominantly his mother until the age of 8 years, and he attended Sunday services at various Baptist churches around his home town. Conrad also attended public schools in Onslow County for the majority of his life.

Religious upbringing

Conrad was raised Baptist by his mother, who began taking him and his younger brother, HIH Prince Tyler, to Sunday services at a nearby Baptist Church. They ended up no longer attending Sunday services around 8 years of age, due to a decreased interest.

When he turned 15, Conrad decided it was time to get back into touch with God, and explore the Christian faith on his own. At first he started attending the local Episcopal Parish in Jacksonville, where he attended Sunday services for over a year. At age 16, while feeling a stronger calling to Christ, Conrad decided it was time he try out a Catholic Mass. He attended his first Catholic Mass on 1 April 2018, and kicked off his journey to becoming a member of the Roman Catholic Church. He attended RCIA classes, as per the request of a parish office representative, who introduced him to the Church. After almost an entire year of devotion to the Church, and patience, Conrad was Baptized on 2 March 2019, and received First Holy Communion on the same day. Then nearly 3 months later, on 9 June 2019, he received the sacrament of confirmation, completing a year-long process to receiving the Christian Rites of Initiation.

Emperor of Cavlan

On 8 July 2018, after the failure of yet another Micronational Government, Conrad decided to branch of from traditional democracy, and went the authoritarian route in establishing a micronation with an Absolute Monarch, which he then promptly declared himself as. Since the foundation of Cavlan, Conrad was off to a rocky start, due to his schooling and while starting to work various jobs, he lost his focus on Cavlan, and ultimately left it to inactivity once again. Once reminded however of the existence of Cavlan, Conrad quickly reversed the damage, by contributing many legislative documents to improving the government of Cavlan, and it's activity. Now he is tasked with improving the display of national symbols within the territories, predominantly the flag.

Personal life

Conrad is influenced heavily by the teachings and beliefs of the Catholic Church, to which he is a devoted member of. He lives within the Diocese of Raleigh, under the direction of Bishop Luis R. Zarama.