Order of Grand Island

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The Ensign of the Order

The Order of Grand Island (which is a knight order in The Commonwealth of Marie Byrd Land) is named after the King Terrance.


  • The decorated are allowed to put OGI in End of their name.
  • Decorated get the title Sir/Lady, and The Title of The Right Honourable if a member of government.


  • Member
  • Knight
  • Officer
  • Commander
  • Grand Officer
  • Knight Grand Cross
  • Grand Master or Sovereign


Only the Monarch can nominate members, after he consulted the members of his or Hers cabinet.

No-one can nominate themselves. If that happen, the person loses:

  • All noble titles, for himself and his offspring (except for already-born children)
  • All other decorations within the Kingdom of Grant Island
  • Government job

Someone else can send a request to the government. The government will think about this and come to a decision.

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