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In Rennie-Gaffneyism, the Open State is a theoretical stage in the socio-economic evolution of society that lies between a Stage V and Stage VI society. Precisely, the Open State describes the exact point in society's evolution when the transition to Communism can no longer be prevented by the forces of counter-revolution. As such, the Open State would become a true Communist Democracy in which the State is rapidly becoming obsolete and the process of progressive marginalisation, and eventually the absolute destruction of the State, begins. The idea of the Open State is based upon the fundamental Rennie-Gaffneyist theory that, according to the principles of Human ethics and logic, a time will come when the People unify as a political entity and destroy the system of capitalism and social darwinism and begin to work with the State to create an egalitarian society. As such, the Open State can be defined as the point in the evolution of society when the People are ready to assume absolute power as a united political entity, having recognised that all other forms of social evolution are illogical and that Socialism is the only sustainable socio-economic system.