Official languages of Cheslovia

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Cheslovia has two official languages, these are English and Russian, Kaznia also has five main co-official languages these are German, Hungarian, Estonian, Lithuanian and Polish. On 5 June 2009, the Federal Government passed a law stating that all post Kaznian Rebirth Baltiak languages were co-official throughout Cheslovia, however languages created before the Kaznian Rebirth are not co-official.

Constructed languages

Kaznia has many constructed languages, the two main spoken are Bolkarian and Borisovan. Bolkarian was created during 2007, approximately from the beginning of April and was finished on August. Bolkarian was, at first only official in Bolkaria, however as time went on, it became an official language of Kaznia. Later that year, it was demoted to a regional language, and has been ever since. Borisovan was created shortly after Bolkarian, and completed some time before the Bolkarian language. Borisovan was a regional language in Borisov Province during the early days of Kaznia, it is now a language spoken mainly in Musorov, unlike Bolkarian it never had the status of an official language of Kaznia and there was much less vocabulary in Borisovan.

Bolkarian was written in the Latin script and looked similar to Hungarian, however it is now written in the cyrillic script. Borisovan was written in the Cyrillic script and looked similar to Belarusian and Russian. Both Bolkarian and Borisovan are still spoken in Kaznia.

Writing scripts

Before any Baltian languages were created Cheslovia had a writing system called simply The Kaznian Alphabet, it consisted of Cyrillic letters, shortly after the creation of The Kaznian Alphabet, Beslau (a province of the Principality of Kaznia) created a similar one called The Beslauan Alphabet, like the Kaznian Alphabet, it consisted of cyrillic letters but the only difference was that it used four characters that The Kaznian Alphabet did not, these were:

  • і
  • ќ
  • ў
  • я

The Kaznian Alphabet equivelant would be:

  • и
  • џ
  • ю
  • ы

The Beslauan alphabet was mainly used in Beslau, whereas The Kaznian Alphabet was official (and still is) throughout Kaznia. The Beslauan Alphabet is only official in Beslau.

Names of Cheslovia in co-official languages

  • Hungarian: Kazország/Cseszország
  • German: Kaznien/Tscheslovien
  • Estonian: Käznia/Tšeslovia
  • Lithuanian: Kaznija/Česlovija
  • Polish: Kaznija/Czeslowija

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