Oegstgeester Administration of Thirn

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Free State of Thirn
Thirn flag.png
Unionist Viadalvia.png
Seal of the Derskov administration

North of Thirn
Capital cityThirn
Largest cityThirn
Official language(s)English
- PresidentTimo Vink
Time zoneUTC
Thirn is a small. micronation located in North East England. The nation was a protectorate of Derskov-Viadalvia and Dolmenia. It was founded by the results of the Treaty of Thirn ending the Thirn Dispute between Dolmenia, Thirnese seperatists  and Derskov-Viadalvia , Thirn become divided and the North is given by Derskov-Viadalvia the West and South to Dolmenia, The east forms a semi-independent nation controlled by Dolmenia and Derskov-Viadalvia, The First president was Edward Aftermary but he is deposited because his idea to declare full  

independence then Martijn Oudshoorn become president