Nubian Republic of Bir Tawil

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Nubian Republic of Bir Tawil
جمهورية بئر الطويل النوبية


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Capital cityBir Tawil
Official language(s)English, Arabic
Recognised languagesNubian
Official religion(s)Islam
Short nameBir Tawil
DemonymBir Tawilian
GovernmentUnitary presidential republic
- PresidentBassam al-Vuarabin
- Prime MinisterIbrahim Madani
LegislatureNational Council
- Type - Monocameral
- Number of seats - 25
Established3 April 2017
Area claimed2.060 km²
Population58 Registered citizens
CurrencyEgyptian pound

Bir Tawil, officially the Nubian Republic of Bir Tawil (Arabic: جمهورية بئر الطويل النوبية), is a self-declared sovereign state - better known as as a micronation - located in Africa on the border between Egypt and Sudan.