Nossian-Lifreian Civil War

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Nossian-Lifreian Civil War
DateJuly 18th, 2015 - December 2nd, 2015
Astra, The Lifreian Empire
Result Astra is changed to a "special region" and is renamed "Nossia". More liberty is given
The Establishment
Flag Lifreia Infobox.png The Lifreian Empire
*Bandeira E I L.jpg Imperial Lifreian Army
The Rebels
Flag Of Nossian Military.jpeg Province of Astra
Commanders and leaders
Flag Lifreia Infobox.png The Kanfre Lopes I Flag Of Nossian Military.jpeg Governor Carlo
1 1

The Nossian-Lifreian Civil War (Internaly known as the July Massacre) was a conflict between The Empire of Lifreia and its province Astra, over the issue of freedom. The iron grip of Lifreia on the region was described by the Prince Carlo I as "borderline dictatorial".