Northern War

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Northern War
KlaiseFlagge.jpg KlaiseRebelFlag.jpg
Conflict: Northern War
Date: 24 April 2015 – present
Place: Autocratic States of Klaise
Outcome: N/A
KlaiseFlagge.jpgAutocratic States of Klaise KlaiseRebelFlag.jpgAutocracy of Northern Klaise
Supported By
Flag of South Azikistan.png Republic of Azikistan
KlaiseFlagge.jpgDexter Seycraft KlaiseRebelFlag.jpgFredrick Schandleire
4 soldiers, 12 RC airplanes, 7 rifles, 1 fortification 5 soldiers, 12 rifles, 3 fortifications
2 injured 1 injured

The Northern War is an ongoing conflict between the Autocratic States of Klaise and the Autocracy of Northern Klaise. The conflict was started and declared by the northern state autocrats due to the already existing Autocratic States of Klaise's head autocrat, Dexter Seycraft, making more individual states in the north, causing the area to become less united, more confederate and more distant from the government due to lack of internal funding and less federal funding. Klaise's new empire in the north, which has annexed Nordstrom, which contains the hamlet of Martinne, also acted as a cause of the war. The southern states of Tigress and Felixshire contain the central Klaisese resources, government and commerce while the north has agriculture, incarceration areas, public utilities and timber. The lack of mental work in the north is also a cause of the war. Another cause is that Northern Klaise and Klaise are generally opposite. Klaise is generally irreligious and centralist. Northern Klaise is Protestant and right-wing. The war will solve many problems, since negotiations failed between Klaise and Northern Klaise.

Declaration of war

Dexter Seycraft, the current Klaisese autocrat, declared war upon the rebels of Northern Klaise due to attacks happening to the south. Northern Klaisese troops used an abandoned sawmill in Vermontz and used it as a fortification in the first battle of the war. Two Klaisese soldiers were wounded while only one Northern Klaisese soldier was injured, but not by the war it's self, but just by the stress and weak bowels, causing a spasm in the colon. Northern autocrat, Fredrick Schandleire, unanimously agreed on the war declaration and both sides agreed to the border's current position.