North Hamilton District

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The District of North Hamilton is a territory of the Hamilton Federation. It is noted for its large population (more then double the capital's) its strong economy and its close proximity to South Hamilton.


North Hamilton consists of two population centers. The first and eastmost one is Flashlaw, with a population of at least 7. The westmost population center, Westdale, has 2 citizens. The district consists of Queen Street, which runs through the entire teritory. The Queenstreet Bridge is part of the territory, and along the Border there is a as of yet unnamed canal.

Politics and Demographics

As of yet, no demographic surveys have been completed in North Hamilton.

On October 4, Lewis Charles was elected North Hamilton's Member of Parliament. The Hamilton Federalist Party has near complete control over the district.


Despite having few natural resources, North Hamilton is the richest district. There are at least a hundred stores along the North Hamilton border zone. Flashlaw has massive economic importance due to its law offices. The other main industry, education, does not draw nearly as much profits.