North Dutch Korea

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Blue Star Islands
Blauwe Ster Eilanden (Dut)


God is with us
Song of the people
Capital citySnow Market
Largest citySnow Market
Official language(s)Dutch
Official religion(s)96% Reformed Protestantism, 4% Roman Catholic
- Great LeaderYouri Koeman
Population17 (18 with Great Leader)
CurrencyBlue Star Guilder
Time zoneUnknown
National sportAge of Empires 2 (E-sports)
National dishKale with gravy and smoked sausage

The Blue Star Islands(Dutch:Blauwe Ster Eilanden) is a micronation based in Antarctica. The micronation claims 4 islands at coordinates -66.917808, 163.137364 off the coast of Antarctica.

The state religion is Reformed Protestantism. Other religions are allowed, but these may only be practiced in-house behind closed doors. The main church is the Christian Reformed Church. Of the 18 inhabitants, 16 are members of this church. The remaining 2 inhabitants are Catholic.