Nordic Micronational Union

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Nordic Micronational Union (NMU)
Intermicronational organisation


Official languages English, Swedish, Finnish

Motto “For a united nordic”

Membership 3 Full Members

– Foundation 11 may 2019

The Nordic Micronational Union is a micronation union for micronations in the Nordic countries. The Union was founded 11 may 2019. The union work for Nordic micronations should get together for making a more united Nordic.

How the Union works

The Union's member make proposals and every week they vote. If a majority of the members vote yes the proposal being a law for all members.


In order of date of joining...

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Code Notes
Flag Kingdom of Groponigën 16 May 2019
? Peipohjan Soviet Socialist Republics 16 May 2019
Flag Arthurin Saari (Quebecois Empire) 2 June 2019
Flag Wilhelm Île (Quebecois Empire) 2 June 2019

Observer micronations

Flag Micronation Join date Capital City Notes
Flag of the Kingdom of Quebec(4).svg Kingdom of Quebec 16 May 2019 Île à Dumais (Royal)
L' amiante (Lords)
Citadelle (Commons)
Have not search for membership yet