Constitutional Republic of Niestata

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Constitutional Republic of Niestata
2011 - 2013
Motto: Néstata infinitos stilisé nél statul.

Isla (Inishtooskert), Ireland
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, French, Spécat
GovernmentGovernment of Niestata
• President
Koshin DeNiestata
• Census
CurrencyThe Nota
Time zone(UTC)

Niestata (Spécat: Néstatu) or more officially, the Constitutional Republic of Niestata (Spécat: Konstitútem Ripúblicu Néstatut) is a micronation founded in 2011 by Koshin DeNiestata. It claims the uninhabited island of Isla (commonly known as Inishtooskert), currently claimed by Ireland, but the government is currently in run exile in Canada and online. Because Niestata has only one citizen, it is looking for more citizens to fill various governmental roles. The micronation's capital is Chilisha, a concept city located on Isla. It is expected that Niestata will claim more territory in the future, most of which will be uninhabited islands around the globe. Niestata aims to be a peaceful, self-contained nation with whom all other macro and micronations can agree, coexist, and cooperate.

At the moment, Niestata exists as an online-only micronation, with a tiny population, which classifies it as a 7th World nation according to the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification.

Since few years, the micronation of Niestata is INACTIVE. (Website down)


The name Niestata is the anglicized version of the Spécat words né statu, which translate to our nation. The name is a testament to the unity the citizens of Niestata should have with each other, and the fact that Niestata can be home for all its citizens. The Spécatian origin of the name reflects the unique culture of the micronation, which revolves around the constructed language, in addition to natural languages English and French. Similarly, the capital city's name and the island's name—Chilisha and Isla, respectively—have Spécatian origin.


The micronation was founded on February 5, 2011 by Koshin DeNiestata, claiming the Irish uninhabited island of Inishtooskert, which DeNiestata renamed Isla. To present day, Niestata's government and entire population is in exile. Since establishment the micronation only exists on the internet, but in the future, it hopes to establish itself on the actual claimed territory. On the day of confederacy an election was held to elect a president, who'd become both the head of state and government. The sole citizen, DeNiestata voted for himself in Niestata's first election on February 6, 2011, and became the first President of Niestata.

On February 12, 2011, drafting of the Constitution of Niestata commenced by Koshin DeNiestata. The document was finalized on March 6, 2011. It contains six chapters and nineteen articles. In honour of the Constitution's completion, March 6 was declared "Constitution Day" in Niestata.[1]

The official website of Niestata was created on March 7, 2011.

Government and politics

According to its name, the Constitutional Republic of Niestata is a Constitutional Republic, meaning the both the Head of State and Government (in Niestata's case, the President) represent the majority, and the minority is protected by rights as outlines in the constitution. The Constitution of Niestata documents the governmental structure, official Niestatan policies, and universal rights for Niestatians.

Currently only one party exists in Niestata—the Conservative Party of Niestata, of which Koshin DeNiestata is the leader. The Conservative Party generally holds a centre-right viewpoint on political issues.

Foreign relations

Niestata would like to have foreign relations with other macro and micronations, but does not have any, being so recently established. All treaty requests can be send here.

Nations Recognized and Supported

Niestata recognizes and supports the follows macronations:

Diplomatic Relations

Informal Friendships


Niestata is generally a non-militant community, and does not currently have a military, but might create one when it inhabits Isla.


Niestata has yet to establish an economy, but when it does, it will be based on tourism, as there are ancient ruins on the island of Isla. Also, the nation hopes to be a financial centre in the future, and will hopefully attract worldwide financial corporations to open branches in Niestata. When the micronation is established on Isla, strong economic ties will be made with neighboring countries Ireland and United Kingdom, but trade will occur between Niestata and many different countries worldwide.


The culture of Niestata is a mix between Canadian, American, English, French, and Spécatian culture. English, French, and Spécat are the official languages, but Spécat (a constructed language) is mainly used only for ceremonial purposes. Strong emphasis is place on literature and music—both of which are supported and endorsed by the Government of Niestata. Though the government doesn't support or endorse either religion or secularism, the micronation is predominantly Christian, and the current President is a self-professed Christian.

The national animal of Niestata is the European Storm-petrel, a seabird which is particularly abundant on Isla. Niestata discourages actions such as littering that can potentially hurt these animals.

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