New Scientopian Defence Forces

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New Scientopian Defence Forces
Military flag.png
Motto: (Scientopian) Exitium Actus Probatium
(English) The end justifies the means.
Active: March 30, 2009
Military march: 1812 Overture
Past major conflicts: None
Current conflicts: None
Sub Service: New Scientopian Automated Defense Grid
Assembrece: Charlie Harrison
Minister of Defence: None
General Information:
Headquarters: Sector 8
Active Personnel: 4 enlisted, 6 conscripts
Reserve Personnel: No conscripts
Current deployed personnel: None
Standard weapon: Comet Pistol, Flash Pen.

New Scientopia, under the supervision of the newly appointed Assembrece C. Harrison ADH., has begun the designing and recruiting of the micronational worlds most highly skilled and advanced army. With help from amatuer tacticians, fresh faced troops, radical designer and a lot of training, this is not an infeasible proposition. With a fair number of explosive science experts, aeronautics students, cadets and a lot of creative thinking, the New Scientopian Defence Forces could well become a key player in the future of micronational war tactics and technology


  • The Assembrece, the head of all the army, having complete militaristic control. The word Assembrece comes from the New Scientopian words Assembrette and Preccedia, respectively meaning Army and Head.
    • The Assembreken are the general troops
  • The Scientobrece is the head of tactics
    • The Scientoken are general tacticians, who oversee three squads each
  • The Technobrece is the head of the weapons development
    • The Technoken is the secret servicemen who use the newest weapons
    • The Technomensken are the weapons developers
    • The Technati is the field engineers
  • The Secrassi are the highest level secret services


The standard issue weapon for troops is the comet gun, a weapon that fires balls of liquid. This liquid is usually white spirit, or occasionally petrol. It has a firing rate of 40 rounds a minute and a standard capacity of 140 rounds before reloading. A backpack may also be added, allowing a capacity of over 1500 rounds without reloading. It has a range of 15 meters. The flash pen is a weapon that fires a .10 calibre soft round of solder. It has an unknown range. The breacher is a weapon in development that relies on HERF to heat the preheated glass to melting temperature, allowing subtle, quiet entry. It can also be used as an anti-personnel weapon.


The basic uniform consists of a bulky armour, made of an undisclosed substance, with shin pads, knee guards, calf guards, pelvis protectors, chest plates, forearm and upper arm protectors. A mask is also required. On top of this is a fencing mask. On top of the armour, an article of white clothing must be worn, and atop that, a long white coat.