New Pugnasian-Hardcourtian War

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New Pugnasian-Hardcourtian War
Date19 October 2016 - 18 November 2016
Result New Pugnasian Victory Hardcourtian Leadership sentence to banishment Gabe Griffins and Robert Borja become co-warlords of Hardcourtia
New Pugnasia Athens Hardcourtia
Commanders and leaders
President Josef Hernandez Chancellor Andy Irons Field Marshal Gabe Griffins None
12 5

The New Pugnasian-Harcoutian War was a war between the Greater Federation of New Pugnasia and the Military Junta of Hardcourtia. The conflict started when Hardcourtia gave a New Pugnasian indivdual asylum. Then a group of New Pugnasian Diplomats came to make a trade but The Hardcourtians refused and declared war on New Pugnasia.


On 19 October 2016, a New Pugnasian individual that knew a lot about a New Pugnasian Science Project, requested asylum in Hardcourtia (a military junta that believes that fighting is good). Later that day a group of New Pugnasian diplomats (Josef Hernandez, Andy Irons, and Gabe Griffins) requested a trade. They would give 12,000 puggles for the indvidual. The Hartcourtian Council refused and declared war on New Pugnasia.