New Prussian Empire

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New Prussian Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: To Each His Own
Anthem: Preußenlied
and largest city
New Berlin
Official languagesUS English, German
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• King
Jerolin Aldelric
• Prime Minister
Penda II
EstablishmentApril 14, 2011
• Census
CurrencyEuro (€), United States dollar ($)

The New Prussian Empire, or just Prussia, was a micronation that was founded after the collapse of Mundai by its former president, Jerolin Aldelric. Aldelric wanted to stay in micronationalism, so he founded a new empire. The empire was created as a new entity of the Kingdom of Prussia, this time as a sovereign kingdom from Germany. The New Prussian Empire is now defunct. Its active successor states are the Saxon Empire and the WUSSR. Due to the rise of Prussian nostalgia,King Penda II has expressed an interest to see someone develop a Prussian constituent nation in the Saxon Empire.


Founding The empire was founded on April 14, 2011 as a restart of both the Prussian Kingdom and Jerolin Aldelric's micronational life. It was created just one day after the collapse of the Socialist Republic of Mundai.


King Aldelric I The king's role in the Prussian Empire is to cover the executive branch of the government. He is to decide whether or not a law or amendment to the constitution should pass. King Aldelric himself has some old Prussian heritage.

Prime Minister The Prime Minister is the head of the Landtag. They are to decide whether or not a law is to make it to the king. Also, they must keep order in the Landtag.

Landtag The Landtag,or legislature of Prussia is made up of one house of higher class citizens elected by the people, this is the Harrenhaus. The house of lower class citizens is the Abgeordnetenhaus. This part of government comes up with laws and such, which are then presented to the prime minister.


American Provinces

  • New Berlin-

District 2, Kershaw Co., SC

Lithuanian Provinces

  • East Prussia-

Klaipėda County

Polish Provinces

  • Pomerania-

Gryfice & Kolobrzeg Co., West Pomerania

  • Silesia-

Boleslawiec & Zgorzelec Co., Lower Silesia

German Provinces

  • Brandenburg-

Uckermark Dis., Brandenburg

  • Saxony-

Stendal Dis., Saxony Anhalt

  • Rhine Pro.-

Saarbrücken Dis., Saarland

Special Administrative Provinces

  • West Germania-

Micronation which joined in order to have a stabilized government.

Foreign relations

Friendly/Ally Nations

Enemies of the State

  • KKK - White supremacist group
  • Prussian Blue(Musical Artists) - Banned for white supremacist material and extreme rascism


The military of the Prussian Empire is made up of three branches:

  • Prussian Imperial Army

The Imperial Army of Prussia protects the interests and values of the nation on land. It is currently made up of about fifteen members. They are currently armed with hunting rifles, swords, knives, and firecrackers.

  • Prussian Imperial Navy

The Prussian Imperial Navy protects Prussia on the water. Seven currently serve with three ships in use. The Navy uses grapeshot and fireworks to intimidate the enemy.

  • Prussian Air Task Force

The Prussian Air Force is an infant branch of the military which studies flight technology in order to gain an advantage in warfare. Projects are worked upon daily, in hopes of gaining any ground in the world of micronational flight.