Dominion of Jaliva

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Dominion of Jaliva
Pan-Jaliva 2.pngJalivacoatofarms.png

Jaliva, Jaliva
Tacoma, Washington
Capital cityUnknown
Official language(s)English (assumed)
GovernmentJurisdictional Dominion
- Paramount ChiefJoshua Howard
EstablishedJanuary 13th, 2008
Area claimedUnknown
CurrencyJalivan Sovereign
Time zonePacific (UTC-8)

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The Dominion of Jaliva is a North American micronation. It was established on January 13, 2008, by Joshua Howard.


ABOUT JALIVA - The Dominion of Jaliva was founded on January 13, 2008, initially named after its founder and known as "Howardia." The micro-nation mixes virtual and real elements, serious themes and fun ones. The capitol city of Jaliva is a 3-D computer model. The embassy of Jaliva is a real life place. The founder is a real person. The general idea behind Jaliva is to portray in a fun way the idea of individuals being sovereign. Jaliva is, from the founder's perspective, a quirky hobby, but nevertheless one which is taken somewhat seriously.

The six patron "deities" of Jaliva (from which the micronation gains the letters of its name)

General Statistics

ECONOMY - Because of its proximity to and frequent trade with the United States, The value of the Jalivan primary monetary unit - the Sovereign - is held at an exchange rate of One Sovereign per One Cent (USD $0.01). After briefly launching several variable-rate currencies, High Command concluded that a fixed-rate system best met the economic needs of the Dominion.

Sovereign Currency Symbol

Supreme Leader, photoshopped into uniform

LEADERSHIP STRUCTURE - Jaliva, in real life, is a government which is comprised of one person and led by one person, which governs over the life and assets of that same individual. Due to its general lack of multiple citizens, Jaliva has traditionally adopted an authoritarian mode of leadership.

Territorial Jurisdiction

The Jalivan Embassy

Jaliva is a Jurisdictional Dominion with sovereign control over various assets, territory, and other property. Its current Embassy is located in Tacoma, Washington, in the United States. Jaliva enjoys primarily amicable relations with immediate neighbors.

Because the territorial jurisdiction of Jaliva is part of the United States, Headquarters serves jointly as both the Embassy of the United States in Jaliva, and the Embassy of Jaliva in the United States.

Jaliva's Special Micronational Alphabet

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