New InterMicronational Stock Exchange

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Brief History

The New InterMicronational Stock Exchange, or NIMSE, is the reincarnation of a failed organization started by "Marco Dresner" called the Intermicronational Stock Exchange. The NIMSE is an organization that was created to help micronational buisness grow and mature into a new aspect of micronationalism.

Exchange Rates

  • New forms of currency will be translated as more nations join the NIMSE
  • 1 Univist Dollar = .5 United States dollar
  • 1 Univist Dollar = 1 Euro

Incorporated Companies

  • Teal Geese Inc. UUS
  • Griffin Printing. UUS

Possible Merger

There are plans to merge the Station St. Stock Exchange (Iego) into the NIMSE which would include the moving of nearlly twenty businesses and the Iego Dollar currency to the new stock exchange. After this merger it is unsure what will happen to Station St. however concrete plans will have to be made before the idea is presented to the government.