Intermicronational Stock Exchange

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Intermicronational Stock Exchange
Technical Center: Nova City, New Pristinia
Official Languages: English, Italian, German
Recognised Languages: French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Esperanto
Membership: 1 member state
Establishment: (Unofficial) 22 Dec 2009
Founder: Marco Dresner
Supervisor: Marco Dresner

The Intermicronational Stock Exchange is an organisation with the purpose of creating an exchange rate for micronational currencies amongst each other and compared to the USD and EUR. Micronational companies may also register here with a unique abbreviation. Registration, whether for a currency or company, may occur freely without prior approval from the Supervisor. The technical center in Nova City uses radio wave randomization via to generate the changes in stock.

All new registrations are to be entered below, along with a predecided exchange rate to the dollar. For companies, the value entered is that for ONE share.

Current exchange rates / stock values


PPC (Pristinian Provisional Credit) = $2.00 (+119.7%)

Pengwon = $1

Archland Dollar == $5


ICR (Imperial Remnant Company Rebuilding) = $4.79 (-50.3%)

LPC (Los Penguinos Company) = $1

Royal Bank of Archland RBA

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