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—  Capital of Ledilia  —

Nickname(s): "Prince's capital"
Established 14 February 2019
Founder Manuel M. I°
Ereditiary Province of Updated Flag of the Principality of Ledilia.png Ledilia
 - Mayor n/a
 - Duke/Duchess Manuel M. I° Forza Ledilia
Population (2019)
 - Total 7
Time zone UTC+1
ZIP code 00047


Founded by Manuel M. I° in 2019, it's the current capital of the Principality of Ledilia and the current biggest city in Ledilia, This was founded originally in 2017 by Emperor Manuel I° of the Empire of Ledilia, then named "Lento", "Lenton" in the Principality of Ledlia and now back to the origins with the Principality of Ledilia.