New Cyrenaica

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Provence of New Cyrenaica
مقاطعة نيو برقة

          Provence of Frieden          

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Largest cityNew Benghazi
Official language(s)Arabic English
Governmentdirect republican democracy within a constitutional monarchy
- AdministratorKamer Camel
- Deputy AdministratorSmith Trenton
LegislatureCyrenaican Council
- Type - Direct democratic assembly
Population32 (Residents)
CurrencyAmerican Dollar alongside Juclandian Leu
Time zoneEST

New Cyrenaica is a Provence of Frieden. It is home to New Benghazi, its largest city.


New Cyrenaica is mainly a hilly area. It has the main city, New Benghazi, sitting on a ridge, under that ridge is Newton, the smaller city. It is a large Human trading ground. Going further down is the Lewis Forest, next to that is the Millers Falls River.


New Cyrenaica is a Direct Democratic area, focusing on having a direct Democratic Assembly.