Kamer Camel

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Kamer Camel

2nd Governor of Frieden
In office
September 7, 2013 – October 5th, 2013
Monarch Ciprian
Preceded by Wilson Lewis
Succeeded by Jacob Lewis (acting)

1st Socialist Party President
In office
August 24th, 2013 – In Office
Vice President Samuel Joahn

Born Beijing China
Nationality Juclandia
Political party Socialist
Religion Islam

Early life

Kamer was born in Beijing China, to a rich corporate family. Immediately after his birth, he was thrown onto a plane, and rushed away to the United States. He lived in Walmart for about 3 months, before a Family bought him. It was the family of Jacob Lewis, little did he know he would be the head of a nation.

Friedenish Life

When the Plush toy citizenship act was passed, Kamer was in his young adulthood, and immediately threw himself into politics. He studied the works of Marx, Engles, Lenin, Mao and even Hugo Chavez. When elections came around, he ran as Socialist Party Candidate. At the end of the elections, him and a close friend, Orangeye Leois, came out in a tie, so the second round began, being this close to leadership made him work even harder towards his goals. He was appointed Governor after winning the elections, and served for about a month, not expecting, to be thrown out upon joining Juclandia. When Jacob Lewis replaced him, he decided he would focus on more local politics, and moved back to his home town of New Benghazi.

Political Beliefs

As a Socialist, Kamer believes in the means of production being held by the working class. He is a Muslim, as many people living in New Benghazi are. He pushes for the separation of Church and state, as Islam is getting closer and closer to the Government considering how many people are Muslim in Frieden. The Current Mayor of New Benghazi is not muslim, but the Mayor of the city has little power, with more power resting in the City Assembly. The Islamic Union of Frieden, (a Religious Union that can be compared to what people call the Church, it represents the Religion as a whole in the region) has a great deal of power in the City Council, and some Parliament Members are pushing to make Islam an Official Religion. Kamer is fighting to keep that law out of the Government.

Military Carrier

As Governor, Kamer served as Head of the Military Force. His Experience was leading multiple attempts to re-take the barricade in the streets of New Benghazi. Currently he serves as Commander of the New Benghazi Police Force.