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The Nemkhav News Service is the national news service and public broadcaster of Nemkhavia. Founded on the 31st of July 2009, it provides internet and press services. It is run by a board which is appointed by the Government on a six-monthly basis.

The logo of the NNS


Nemkhav Informer

The Nemkhav Informer is the national newspaper of Nemkhavia. It is a mixture of current affairs and national events coverage. It is well-known for publishing the speeches of King Marka I. Despite the sponsorship of the Government, the nation's ideals of free speech are well supported in the newspaper, with any citizen being allowed to submit articles. The newspaper is printed in the NNS Press Centre in Astor Impora.


NT1 is the main internet channel for breaking news, using the online service 'Twitter'. All breaking stories are announced via Twitter, with updates coming often. NT1 has recently returned to the air after a brief time offline.


NT2 is the second internet channel for news in Nemkhavia. Usually all stories that are annouced on NT1 carry links to NT2. NT2 can be found at

 N. Lerja

N. Lerja is one of the most famous reporters in Nemkhavia. He is an anomymous writer, his real name being unknown. He is well-known for his outspoken nature and willingness to tackle controversial topics. During the time of the Nemkhav Federation, he was very outspoken on topics of social rights and, most notably, foreign policy.