Navy of the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg

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Letzembourgish Navy
Naval Jack.JPG
Active 21 December 2015 - present
Country Grand Duchy of Letzembourg
Allegiance HRH, Grand Duke Christian I
Type Navy
Size 3 Ferries
Colors Yellow, Red, Black
Fleet Admiral HRH, Grand Duke Christian I

The Letzembourgish Navy, is the marine combat and defense uniformed service of the Grand Duchy of Letzembourg. The Letzembourgish Navy has the responsibility of all aquatic patrol and defense, a task which they execute using the Pamlico Sound. The Navy works along side the United States Coast Guard, which is its land based counterpart.

The Letzembourgish Navy was founded on 21 December 2015, by HRH, Grand Duke Christian I. Currently, there are no enlisted or officer service members specific to the Navy. As official Commander-in-Chief, HRH, Grand Duke Christian I is the highest ranking member of the Letzembourgish Navy, and also serves as Minister of Defense (temporarily), and as such is in charge of the management of the armed forces.


The Letzembourgish Navy is in command of multiple vessels, (ferry boats). The ferries trasnport people to and from the island of Letzembourg daily. They may also carry cargo, if needed.


The Letzembourgish Navy is in a constant state of upkeep. Members of the Letzembourgish Navy are constantly replacing and restoring weapons, uniforms, and gear, to ensure our readiness in the event of a national conflict.



Officers are the designated individuals placed in command of others. Officers receive a commission from the Grand Duke that appoints them to their position of command. Lower and middle ranking officers are tasked with command of individual ships, where as admiral staff is placed in charge of fleets, or groups of ships.