Letzembourgish language

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Regulated byLanguage Institute (LLI)
Spoken inLetzembourg

The Letzembourgish language (Letzembourgish: Lietze Sprache) is an a constructed Germanic language, created in the year 2015, by Grand Duke Christian Newton of Letzembourg. The Grand Duchy of Letzembourg has used it as its official language since its foundation. Thus far, the language has not strayed far from its original roots. Letzembourgish is a largely Germanic language, meaning that nearly all of its grammar and vocabulary is based directly upon Dutch, German, and English.

Although Letzembourgish can be considered a modern Germanic language, it uses a modified version of the Anglo-Saxon Runes. The Anglo-Saxon Runes are used in Old English, Old Frisian, and sometimes even Latin. The Anglo-Saxon Runes were chosen to be used in Letzembourgish to give the language a unique look when written.

On August 4, 2016, during the Cultural Celebration of the Karno-Ruthenian Empire, the Letzembourgish Language Institute launched the first ever Letzembourgish Language Course. The course details the basic components of the Letzembourgish language by teaching the most commonly-used words.