National Unity Party (Slobodarčka)

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National Unity Party
Болдазерѕ Унѕра Парти
LeaderĘdgar Novak
PresidentPeter Novak
Founded14 March 2015‎
HeadquartersSquare of Indenpendence, Kuty
Youth wingPatriotic Movement
Ideology • Jingoism
 • Fascism
 • Pan-Slavism
 • Neoconservatism
 • National Socialism (some fractions)
National affiliationFlag of Република Слободарчка.png Republic of Slobodarčka
Official coloursBlack Red Blue, Yellow, Marron
Supreme Congress
8 / 8
Party flag
SNP flag.png

The National Unity Party is the founding and ruling political party of the Republic of Slobodarčka. The NUP is the sole governing party of the Republic of Slobodarčka, It was founded in 2015 with the merger of the National Front and the Conservative Party.

The NUP is organized according to the Nationalist Ideological System and the state, a system and theory conceived by The Polgovic. The highest body of the NUP is formally the Supreme Congress with also serve as the legisture of the country; Peter Novak is the current NUP leader, serving as Prime Minister

The NUP is committed to Nationalism, the party charter was amended to state that Sloberdarckan Nationalism was "the only guiding idea of the party". and "to building a social society",. Party ideology has recently focused on perceived imperialist enemies of the party and state, a

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