National Prussian Army

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Nationale Preussische Armee
Fur Den Schutz, Der Arbeiter Und Bauern Macht
Dates of operationFounded 10th May 2010, successor to the Rumassian Volksarmee & Nationale Volkswehr
LeaderGeneralmajor Von Herford
MotivesState Defence
Annual revenue£1000 P.A
Means of revenueState Ministry of Defence

The Nationl Prussian Army (German: Nationale Preussische Armee) is Free State of Prussias armed forces. The NPA is the successor to the original Preussische Armee. It has therefore retained the traditions of the old Prussian Army.

The NPA also follows on from the traditions of the National Volksarmee and the training programs of the British combining the professionalism of two of the most battle efficient armies ever to walk this earth in turn creating the most organised and serious defence deterrent of any micronation.

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Since the inception of the National Prussian Army (NPA), the previous names of the land force have been:

02/11/09 - Armee

22/11/-09 – Rumassian Volksarmee

29/01/10 - Nationale Volkswehr

10/05/10- Nationale Preussische Armee

The 'Rumasssian Volksarmee' (22ndNovember 2009 – 29thJanuary 2010)

RVA emblem

The RVA (Rumassian Volksarmee) was the 1stcombat arm formed with the NFD on the 2ndNovember 2009 a day after the founding of Rumassia. The RVA was initially named ‘Der Armee’ and was re-named -on the 22ndNovember 2009- the RVA after the NDF and the nation began to take shape and finally find its identity. Happily in its short existence the RVA has never been called upon to defend the nation.

The 'Nationale Volkwehr' (29thJanuary 2010 - 10th May 2010)

Volksheer emblem

On the 29thJanuary 2010 the nation of Rumassia was officially dissolved and then reinstated as the 'New German Republic' (NDR). As old Rumassian institutions became part of the New German Republic the then National Defence Forces (NDF) also followed suit and became the National Volkswehr (NVW) in turn turning the Rumassian Volksarmee into the Volkswehr. The Volkswehr still contains regiments from the NDF such as the jungle infantry ‘Amazonian Forrester’s’ and the Special Forces unit ‘Regiment-96’. The defence review still remains unaffected however operations now have to be considered from a European perspective.

The 'Nationale Preussische Armee' (10th May 2010 - Onwards)

Emblem of the NPA

On the 10th of May 2010 the Free State of Prussia was reformed along with all state ministries, this included the SMD (State Ministry for Defence). On that same day the SMD ordered the formation of a national defence force now known as the National Prussian Army (Nationale Preussische Armee) which consists of the:

  • Landstreitkraefte
  • Streitkraeftbasis
  • Virtuellstreitkraefte

The OKNPA (Oberkommando der Nationale Preussische Armee) is currently still organising the NPA as it is but there are plans to begin forming an airforce and navy in theory, so as to lessen the time to form the last remaining arms when they are finally required for defence.

Current Structure

'Gross Preussen' Regiment emblem

Active Units ('Gross Preussen' Regiment)

Until the NPA increases in size and fucntion. The 'Gross Preussen' Regiment (Greater Prussia) will admin all national defence assets. The Regiments role is to provide a platform for training the NPA formations of tomorrow. Currently the only active branches of the NPA are the 'Landstreitkraefte' and 'Streitkraeftebasis' and the 'VirtuellStreitkraefte'. Two of Three of these services have been included into the Regiment with the VSK still being planned anf formed.

'Gross Preussen' Regiment ORBAT


Volksheer Recruitment Poster

The Recruitment age begins at 18 –the school leaving age- and limits at 33. However The RVG limits its age intake at 45. All Soldaten normally serve 4, 12 or 22 year careers; however they have the choice to serve until the age of 55. Staff Offiziers can serve till 65.

Uniform & Equipment


The National Prussian Army as with its equipment sources its uniforms mainly from other national stocks to save money. But the uniforms are customized to add the uniqueness of the NPA to the garment.

Standard NPA uniform design (changes are in progress)

The NPA uniform is mainly based on the East German DDR NVA uniforms but as mentioned prior we add our own individual tailorings.


Equipment used in the National Prussian Army as with the NPA in general is all imported and bought from other national military stocks. The NPA under guidance from the DS and Defence Volkskomittie, customize the equipment in stock to comply with defence operational requirements

Hopes are that down the line all imported equipment can be phased out and replace with home designed and built weapons. Below you can view the weapon systems the National Prussian Army plans on deploying.

Armoured Vehicles

Main Battle Tank

Auxiliary Tank

Training/ Reserve Tank

  • Leopard 1A5
  • T72R
  • T34/85

Armoured Fighting Vehicle

  • Puma
  • BMP 1

Light Armoured Vehicle

  • Wiesel


Transport Helicopter

  • CH-47 Chinook

Attack Transport Helicopter

  • HIND

Attack Helicopter

  • EC 665 (Tiger)

Small Recce helicopter

  • Gazelle

Logistical support

Armoured Bridge Layer

Armoured engineer Vehicle

  • Biber
  • Kodiak

Armoured Recovery Vehicle

  • ARV 2

Recovery Truck

Logistical Support Truck

Logistical support Car

  • URAL4320
  • Landrover Wolf


Tracked Artillerie

  • 2S3
  • 2S19

Towed Artillerie

  • M46

Medium Mortar

  • AGS-17

Light Mortar

  • 51mm


  • AA Artillerie

Tracked anti-air artillerie

  • 2K22M
  • Gepard

Wheeled Anti-air artillerie

  • 12.8 cm Flak 40 Zwilling/ R

Towed anti-air artillerie

  • AA Missile

Tracked anti-air missile

  • 9K37 Buk

Wheeled anti-air missile

  • S400 / SA20 (Long range)
  • 9K33M3

Towed anti-air missile

Personal Weapons

Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)

  • PKM

Light Machine Gun (LMG)

  • MG4
  • RPD

Light Support Weapon (LSW)

  • MG42
  • RPK-74

Sniper Rifle

  • Draganov SVD
  • K98

Primary Weapons

  • AK74M
  • AK74U
  • AK47
  • P90
  • MP5
  • MP5K
  • Saiga 12

Secondary Weapon

  • Makarov PM
  • P.08

Missile Systems


  • RPG 18
  • RPG 7
  • Panzerfaust3


  • 9k38 ‘igla’